manage life with your very own, always ready, personal assistant

Beyond simple speech recognition, Cortana enables you to create reminders, schedule appointments, find nearby places, connect with friends, and much more.

With Cortana, the sky is the limit.

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Getting Started

What's the forecast? Is it going to rain tomorrow? Do I need an umbrella?

To get Cortana's assistance with these questions and more on your Windows Phone 8.1 device, simply tap the Search button located at the bottom right-hand corner of your phone.
To immediately enter speech mode, tap and hold.

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Cortana's Notebook

The Notebook is where Cortana stores the information and data she uses to assist you, much like the notebook a human personal assistant would carry.


Places stores physical locations. The two defaults are Work and Home, but feel free to add as many as you like. Setting a place name allows you to use geographic reminders, such as "Remind me to get gas in the car when I leave home."

inner circle

The Inner Circle lets you specify special contacts and assign nicknames. Nicknames are helpful for contact-based reminders such as "Remind me to ask about dinner out when my girlfriend calls." Inner Circle contacts are also allowed to get through to you during Quiet Hours.

quiet hours

Quiet Hours lets Cortana keep you protected from the paparazzi. Or the neighbor down the street. Set up quiet hours using automatic rules, or turn it on right now. You can also specify those special contacts who can break through.

remind me

This is where Cortana stores all the reminders you have set up. You can edit, listen to your original voice command, mark as complete, or delete reminders.


Interested are things you'd like Cortana to keep you informed of. These include traffic for your commute (to Work in Places), news, weather, local restaurant recommendations, and more.

Other features of Cortana's notebook include settings and music search history.

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Call Mom

Call Bill on speakerphone

Make a call to Steve at home

Call Mom, mobile


In a Call

Say "Call" to call another person

Say "Press" to press a number

Ease of Access

Save speed dial

Turn call forwarding on or off



Show me all my email from [first name] [last name]

Text Messages

Text Mom

Message Scott Hanselman

Text Bill Gates on my way


Create Appointments

Put warp drive repair on my calendar [for] tomorrow

Schedule Code Camp for Saturday through Sunday

Change my 3 PM appointment to 4

Move my next meeting out by 30 minutes

What do I have next?

What do I have this afternoon?

What do I have tomorrow?

What am I doing this weekend?

What am I doing on October 21, 2015?

Put light saber training on my calendar from 6 to 7 PM

Add user group meeting to my calendar for Tuesday



When Scott Guthrie calls, remind me to ask for shirt color advice

Remind me to wash the cat and feed the dishes when I get home

Remind me to get gas when I leave work

Remind me to buy flowers tomorrow

Next time I'm at the grocery store, remind me to buy eggs



Take a note

Note: Left my car on level 4

Take a note: get milk



Wake me up at 7 AM

Set an alarm for 5:45 AM

Turn on my 3 PM alarm

Wake me up in 20 minutes


To have Cortana identify a song playing nearby, use the music icon on her main screen.


Play Womack Family Band

Play Favorites

Play 1

Play Freebird

Play all albums

What song is playing?



Where am I?

What's traffic like on the way to work?

Show me a map of 1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, Washington

How far to Sandusky, Ohio?

Get me directions to New Orleans

Is there a Starbucks near me?

Find a Microsoft Store

Find cheap pizza near me

Find cheap restaurants that are open right now

Find highly-rated restaurants nearby


Cortana can open any app simply by name. Once the app has been opened, you can also click the see more link on Conrtana's main screen, scroll to the bottom, and see apps that support additional commands. Click on an app to see it's commands.
Not all apps support additional commands.


Open Twitter

Twitter new tweet

Open Facebook

Launch Nokia Camera


Turn on/off Bluetooth

Turn on/off Wi-Fi

Turn on/off Airplane Mode

Easter Eggs





Good morning

What's your name?

What's your story?

What does Cortana mean?

Who is your creator?

Who made you?

When were you born?

What are you doing?

Who is your boss?

Are you there?

What kind of food do you like?

What's your favorite song?

How old are you?



Going Meta

What is the meaning of life?

What is love?

Talk to me

Suprise me

You make me laugh

You are the best assistant ever

You're cool

You are awesome

What do you think about me?

Can I borrow some money?

Change your name

Are you human?

Can you dance?

Do an impression

Guess what?

Do you like Jimmy Fallon?


What's the best phone?

What's the best tablet?

What is the best search engine?

What's the best computer?

What's the best phone?

Do you like Xbox?

What do you think of Microsoft Office?

Which is better: Cortana or Google Now?

Do you like Bill Gates?

Do you like Steve Ballmer?

Do you like Satya Nadella?

Do you like Microsoft?

What do you think of Google?

Do you like Google?

Are you better than Google Now?

Do you like Google Now?

Do you like Android?

What do you think of Apple?

Do you know Siri?

Are you better than Siri?

Getting Personal

Who are you?

Are you real?

Are you smart?

Who is your father?

What is your last name?

Where are you from?

Where do you live?

What do you look like?

Are you male or female?

Do you have a boyfriend?

What are you doing after work today?

What are you wearing?

Kiss me

I love you

Do you love me?

Will you marry me?

Talk dirty to me

Why are you naked?

What do you eat?

Are you dumb?

Do you have a sister?

You're sexy

You're too kind


What is Halo?

Tell me about Halo

Are you really Cortana?

Are you dead?

Aren't you dead?

Are you in Halo 5?

What's the story of the next Halo game?

Where is Master Chief?

What is Master Chief doing?

Do you love Master Chief?

Who is Doctor Halsey?

What is rampancy?


Tell me a joke

Tell me a story

Sing me a song

Knock knock

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Say something funny

Where do babies come from?

Do you like Clippy?

Do you know Clippy?

Use the force

May the force be with you

Open the pod bay doors

Beam me up Scotty

Am I beautiful?

I'm drunk

I'm stoned

I'm bored

I'm happy

I'm lonely

I'm tired

I'm angry


What does the fox say?

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